Who are Influencers?

Influencers can be Celebrities, TV Presenters, Authors, Chefs, Visionaries or even the Editor of your local newspaper or magazine. Instagram is a popular platform for Influencers, but Influencers are found across most social media and traditional media platforms.

As explained in a Meltwater webinar in January this year, Microsoft’s APAC Communications Chief Andrew Pickup spoke about the importance of Reach and Resonance. To explain further, this is the number of people in your target market the Influencer reaches, plus how much this audience engages with the message. If we took these measurements at face value, we’d all be paying Kim Kardashian to promote our goods and services!

Perhaps not…This is where relevance comes in. Relevance can be translated as the ‘degree of influence’ each person has in their target audience’s life.

As Andrew explained, once upon a time, the marketing and media game was fairly straight forward. Companies promoted products and services to end consumers via traditional media. This is where the Influencers were, so it made sense to engage in PR and advertising via these channels. Put simply, in 2017 – we don’t need to rely on mass media any longer.

Consumers are also no longer passive. They can write blogs, post on social media and contribute to Trip Advisor. Consumers also have much greater choice about who they will follow, and ultimately who will influence them into making purchasing decisions.




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